Truth be told…

…the place still isn’t done. The outside walls haven’t been plastered because the quote was just beyond our budget and really our budget came to an abrupt halt on this one last detail. But, word on the street says that there’s a Faswall house out there somewhere that has never been plastered and has held up to the elements just fine (though this is not the recommendation of the company). As it stands and until I get pictures posted we’ve begun the first mortaring layer to envelope the Faswall but it won’t be finished until the spring due to the weather.
It’s the tail end of Thanksgiving here in the US and about the only thing I can move are my fingers I’m just that stuffed which is a shame as we’ve got some scrumptious leftovers awaiting…

Not much has happened construction-wise since moving in and getting our certificate of occupancy – just life in general. Summer fun, the beginning of preschool and subsequently catching every cold passing through the school system…Thankfully, we’ve all healed/recovered in time for the holiday! That was a close one.

Our humble three car garage space with loft has been serving us well. Jon has carved out a space for his office and is able to work from home but, has he so clearly stated, “I do not want to be living here when the girls go through puberty.”

OK, maybe we could use a little more space. Personally, I love it, this pre-house of ours, maybe he did too good of a job designing/building it as I told him that I was fully prepared to spend ten years in this space, happily. I am so loving the heated floors and the triple pane glass windows are proving to be a sound investment.
BUT, Jon needs his space, his man space, and ya know, he deserves it. To that end we recently cleared about 3/4 acre of land with plans for some sort of garage/man space/storage/office and then a play area/jungle gym for the kids/grown-up kids. Again, since I’m only able to comfortably move my fingers I’ll post pix soon.
Countless times while building this pre-house of ours people would say, “Oh, now that you’ve built one house you’ll want to build another.” to which my reply usually were words to the effect of “No way in hell.” but of course that wasn’t true as we haven’t even built our official home yet!

So here we are tonight talking foundations: slab or pier, one building/barn/garage, or break it up into two, etc. and all sorts of fun stuff like that. I know, the level of fun and excitement in this place is staggering…

Happy Thanksgiving.

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The Hands Off Approach

Seems to be working for me. Just add water.
Look at these fatties!


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Reduce, Reuse…

Have you ever driven past the construction site of one of those cookie cutter neighborhoods where there is three basic house styles for an entire neighborhood? Continue reading

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Oh City Girl…

The slugs are looking well fed these days.

I’m finding more success with growing things on the property that I don’t have a hand in cultivating.  Continue reading

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Goings on…

City Cat, meet one of the locals:

086 087 088 089 090 091

PS:  Jon’s reaction to this, “That’s a healthy looking Doe.”

And as he walked away I heard him saying to himself, “I need to get my bow hunting license and start practicing.”

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Dear Slugs,

I hate you.

Continue reading

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The Pacific Northwest was formed by glaciers and living on an Island in the Pacific Northwest the geology is pretty rich.  I don’t think I’ve ever been interested in rocks before.  Earth Science was not very interesting to me in Junior High but that could just be the fact that I was in Junior High because now days, I’m totally into rocks.  Good thing too because the garden is full of them.  What’s fascinating is that they’re like snowflakes, no two are alike.  We’ve got some biggies in the garden, just one of the reasons we can’t use a rotatiller.

I’ve been sifting out the rocks and weeds which is tedious hard work but fascinating at the same time as I just never know what the next shovel full of dirt will bring…

039 040 041 042 043 044 045 046

I really like this one.  I call it my Harry Potter rock because it reminds me of the scar on Harry Potter's forehead.

I really like this one. I call it my Harry Potter rock because it reminds me of the scar on Harry Potter’s forehead.

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